Neutralize your Uric Acid

By: Richard Bleuze

Uric acid is the result of eating meat.

To relieve the pain of gout, there must be a way to eliminate the uric acid that has accumulated in the body.  Normally, the body eliminates enough uric acid in the urine or through the intestines to keep its concentration at a healthy level.  In people with gout, however, the body either produces excessive amounts of uric acid or its ability to eliminate uric acid is impaired in some way.  In either case, the high concentration results in its crystallization within the joints and possibly in other areas of the body.

There are foods that can neutralize the uric acid, so these can be eaten freely.  They are:

cherry juice,
celery juice,

In addition, it is also necessary to increase your water intake since this will help flush the uric acid out.

For current attacks of gout, one of the best natural therapies to reduce the pain and inflammation is black cherry juice.  Black cherry juice neutralizes uric acid.  Fresh cherries and fresh strawberries also help neutralize uric acid, as do nuts, seeds, and grains, although to a lesser extent.  For long-term relief of gout symptoms, changes in diet are suggested, most especially eliminating or reducing consumption of foods that are high in uric acid.

Gout is closely related to the foods you eat.  The natural approach to Gout would be to change your diet and increase your fluid intake.
The foods below cause an increase in uric acid and they should be greatly curtailed from the diet. These foods are:

fried foods,
roasted nuts,
all meats (especially organ meats) & gravies,
and alcoholic beverages,
fried foods.
You should also try to avoid rich cakes and pies.
The foods listed above carry differing amounts of uric acid. If you suffer from gout, you will be able to determine which foods you can tolerate and which foods you must avoid by keeping a food diary.



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